E-Level Communication is an Italian company that, since 1996, has been the leader in e-Learning solutions. Our competence is based on the years of experience acquired in the Italian and international aerospace field which is a very complex and disciplined environment. This experience has made E-Level an excellent provider of technologies and methodologies of instruction. Today, this skill has allowed us to apply our solutions in other fields in the world of the e-Learning.

We are attentive to a product’s rationalization, effectiveness of systems, and efficiency; all keeping in mind maintainability and upgradeability. For all these reasons our products fulfill the ADL® SCORM® 2004 international standard.
Quality is also one of our strengths; for this reason we are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Because producing accurate and long-life multimedia training systems is our passion, we are the ideal partner for aerospace and defense companies. Our customers are free to focus on the excellence of their core business products while we take care to the excellence of the training systems for the end users; the pilots and the mechanics.


We are proud partner of the Lombardia Aerospace Cluster


Corporate Culture

“Creating sustainable value” unites and drives us at E-Level.
We aim to create value for customers, people, communities and a wider society, in which we
operate with passion, pride and enthusiasm.
Our culture, vision, mission and values are a clear framework and guidance.
The systematic research and exploration of internal and external sources of innovative opportunities is
combined with E-Level's capabilities and resources to assemble and deliver the best solutions to satisfy our

Leading in open innovations and technologies
We are global leaders with our adhesives business, offering an unparalleled, open innovation,
breadth of technologies serving worldwide markets and industries.
But “leading” means more to us than being leader only in market share (although playing an
important role in that is a goal for sure): it means “lead with innovations, brands and

Our values guide all our actions, decisions and behaviours. Every day, we need to take decisions
in a highly demanding environment. At the same time, we are highly diverse and, as our
customers, we come from diverse cultural backgrounds, have different experiences and operate
in a broad range of markets and industries. That’s why having clear, shared and understood
values by everyone at E-Level is so important for our success.
As a systematic encouragement and exploration of a wide range of internal and external sources for
innovative opportunities, we provide firm capabilities and resources in order to explore these opportunities
through multiple channels.

Customers live at the centre of what we do. We always try to anticipate, fulfil and go beyond our
customers’ expectation by providing the best values, qualities, services, innovations and
This is the key success factor in which we strongly believe. Understanding our customers and
their needs better than our competitors is what we do best, in our day-by- day activities and for
our long-term growth plans.
We value, challenge and reward our people, treating each other with respect, developing
capabilities and promoting diversity in all relevant dimensions. We take personal responsibility
and lead by example.
Everybody at E-Level makes the difference: experiences, skills, creativity and personal values
make the company’s culture unique.

Financial Performance
E-Level is a performance-driven company, committed to a competitive return to shareholders
and ensure the long-term success of our company.
Excellent financial performances and a sustainable value creation allow us to act more flexibly,
healthy and profitable, not only for our shareholders but also for our employees and

From January 1, 2018, we have chosen Grammelot Srl as official partner and exclusive provider of our Products and Services.

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