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Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP SP 6
- Java 7 32bit (even on 64bit Windows installations)
- Internet Explorer 10
Mac OSX Snow Leopard (10.6)
- Java 7
Linux 2.6 with Desktop Environment
- GTK+ 2.24
- WebkitGTK
- Java 7


Setup Instructions

- Download, run the installer and follow instructions

Note: in Windows 8 or above, when you start the installer, if a message saying that the app in unsigned appears, please select "further information" on the bottom right corner and then "allow" to continue.


- Download the archive file
- Extract it (double click)
- Drag the extracted TeachByApp into your Apps folder in Finder


- Download the installer
- Open up a terminal and cd to the downloads folder
- Issue command sudo sh birdeye*.run