It is more than a Learning Content Management System for SCORM® courseware production: this collaborative environment supports you in the configuration control and courseware production process. BirdCage is fully customizable and configurable to meet your customer requests.

BirdCage™ is a distributed collaborative environment for the eLearning production and management. It includes:

  • A SCORM® 2004 / AECMA S1000D Learning Content Management System
  • An advanced resources management system including:
    • single resources lifecycle management
    • integrated versioning
    • resources linking and discovery
  • Integration with most diffused Issues Tracking Systems (e.g. JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis etc)
  • SCORM® 2004 import and export
  • Web/Cloud oriented design with mobile devices support
  • LiveEdit™: browse BirdCage™ contents from a virtual drive (shared folder) on the internet and edit them on the fly.
  • Integrated Storybaording tool based on most diffused Word Processors (MS Office, OpenOffice, Google Docs etc.)



With the use of BirdCage™, all actors involved in the eLearning lifecycle can collaborate in a distributed way to all key phases of project:

  • Project definition and setup: Project managers, Customer etc
  • Training Needs Analysis and Lesson Planning: Instructional Designer
  • Storyboarding: Subject Matter Expert
  • Development: Graphics / Multimedia designers
  • Test and Validation: QA Team
  • Acceptance: Customer


BirdCage™ also eases the maintenance of contents, updates, upgrades and customizations, focusing on changes only and reusing as many contents as possible.

From January 1, 2018, we have chosen Grammelot Srl as official partner and exclusive provider of our Products and Services.

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