Eagle Trainer

It’s the E-Level ultimate e-learning ATPL training course. More than 150 hours of JAR compliant training courseware for Airline Transport Pilot License. It supports both the “ab-initio” students and the private pilots licensed.

Fully interactive courseware with animations and virtual cockpits.

E-Level is proud to present EAGLE, a complete and effective DVD collection designed to be a powerful tool for the Air Force, Airlines, Flight Schools, Aerospace Technical Schools and Universities. EAGLE utilizes the most advanced in multimedia technology. By using digital audio, videos, high res imagery, 3D graphics and animations, it provides a high quality training environment for any student.

EAGLE is the result of the combined effort of an international team of experts in aviation and multimedia technologies.
EAGLE has been designed by: military training experts, aeronautical engineers and Airline Pilots from five different countries.

We stand by EAGLE because we know that the new generation of student pilots need the best and most current tools for their education in order to achieve the safety standards required to fly the aircrafts of the twenty first the century.

Eagle-trainer-infographic-webThe EAGLE suite includes the following topics:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Aviation Engines
  • Navigation Theory and Aids
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Human Performance and Limitations

Every module of EAGLE is divided into lessons. Every lesson contains a test session for the student to perform a self-evaluation.

Every module of EAGLE can also be purchased separately. It is also possible to buy single lessons in order to create a personalized syllabus that can develop depending on the available budget or training requirements. EAGLE can be installed on a single computer for stand alone, in a multimedia classroom managed by instructors, through a Learning Management System or if the customer requires a training portal, the web.

EAGLE has been designed to work on the most diffused computers and operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX and Linux).

For additional information, just ask for a demo.

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