Smart Maintenance™

Smart Maintenance™ integrates new technologies in order to help maintenance crew in any environment, to drastically reduce the error probability for critical procedures and reporting, and to ensure the availability of up-to-date technical information in fly line while ensuring the logistic systems efficiency.

The project scope is to use new technologies and mobile devices with all their integrated software and hardware tools (GPS, photo camera, etc.) in order to develop innovative technologies based on shape recognition in complex environments, like for example electro-avionic equipment and bays.


One of the main project’s base ideas is developing and integrating Active Learning technologies that, by integrating historical data with those acquired during everyday usage, help improving system accuracy more and more though a shared common knowledge database serving all the operators.

SM_tabletSmart Maintenance™ aims, therefore, to develop an infrastructure for the international aviation maintenance market that ensures more competitive services with higher levels of reliability through:

•    automatic identification of the user operating on the aircraft: personal profile helps to configure the mobile device (Tablet) to access information of competence;
•    a software to identify, with maximum reliability and progressive succession in the aircraft, the door or the component inspection, the equipment so as to drastically reduce potentially fatal errors;
•    the availability in the flight line,  on Tablet device through wireless connections, of procedures for maintenance, media content and any other explanatory material shared by the centralized repository to assist staff, reduce errors, increase reliability;
•    filing in of digital checklists and forms with “live”  update of  logistics status, avoiding manual transcriptions;
•    an automatic channel for data acquisition and transmission to the central systems of “health monitoring” to prevent failures.


Smart Maintenance™ is based on a main application core (web+mobile application) that can be enhanced by installing a set of plugins to meet the customer needs.


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