BirdCage virtual tour

A virtual tour video of our SCORM 2004 compliant LCMS, BirdCage is now available on our products page.

The video gives an overview of its main features, so enjoy it!

40 CBT hours delivered in India

E-Level delivered 40 hours of CBT lessons for indian final customer in a new Training School.
We have setted up 3 classroom with 20 seats each, by installing a central LMS connected with 60 client, equipped with our standalone player, BirdEye.

Maintenance CBT

A new CBT for users and maintenance procedures has been committed to E-level by a leader Italian company in sea and land military domains.
The product provides a leading edge multimedia quality to train users as well as maintenance technicians to use and repair the systems on filed.
The CBT will be design full SCORM© 2004 standard and will be part of the delivery kit of the system.


A word wide leader of training aircraft manufacturer has ordered its first full HTML5/CSS3 SCORM© 2004 CBT for an Asian customer. The product will allow the fully fruition on the following platforms.

Tabled / Smartphones:

  • iPad 2+ / iPhone 4+ / iOS 5+ / Safari 6+
  • Android 4+ based devices / Chrome


  • Microsoft Window XP, 7 and 8
    • Internet Explorer 10+
    • Firefox 16+
    • Chrome 20+
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion
    • Safari 6+
    • Firefox 16+
    • Chrome 20+
  • Ubuntu 12.04+, Fedora 17+
    • Firefox 16+
    • Chrome 20+

50 CBT hours delivered in Africa

E-Level delivered 50 hours of CBT lessons for african final customer in a new Training School. The lessons are for both pilots and technicians.
All the production phases have been held by E-Level: training needs analysis, storyboarding and coursewae production.
The lessons have been intergrated with the customer Mission Planner and Simulation aids.

EagleTrainer: the ultimate Ab-Initio is now on-line!

E-level is proud to announce EagleTrainer: the new on-line fruition platform for On-line Ab-Initio pilot training. Suitable for FTOs as well as for private students, complies with the ultimate SCORM standard.

EagleTrainer provides a structured e-learning path to achieve the theoretical knowledge to sustain the exam for ATPL licence.

Select single modules, lessons or some of those as well as the complete course in according to your needs and enjoy the experience of the one of the most appreciated Ab-Initio adopted by Air Forces all over the world.

Don’t miss to discover the free lesson.

… and start studying in a smart way to became a smart Pilot!


Eagle available on-line soon

Eagle – the E-level’s Ab-Initio pilot training – will be available on-line soon. A special offer of Principle of Flight for free will be placed until end of June. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy Eagle. Stay tuned.

New Command Bar for Eagle

A new command bar is now available for Eagle, our Ab-Initio Pilot CBT.

It has been designed to enhance the navigation experience in an easy way.

Enjoy it by filling the Contact form and asking for a demo.