SmartMaintenance™ Teaser

Discover the innovative feauture of SmartMaintenance™ here.

SmartMaintenance™ Plugins Infographic

SmartMaintenance™ is based on main core application that can be improved by means of a set of plugins.

You can find here the plugin architecture schematic.

SmartMaintenance™ launch

We’ve just exhibited at AIRTEC 2013 in Frankfurt where we have presented:

SmartMaintenance the innovative and integrated solution for a paperless maintenance system
• The new solution for maintenance tasks training: a full HTML5, cross-browsers, cross-devices, serious gaming oriented experience.

Maintenance CBT

A new CBT for users and maintenance procedures has been committed to E-level by a leader Italian company in sea and land military domains.
The product provides a leading edge multimedia quality to train users as well as maintenance technicians to use and repair the systems on filed.
The CBT will be design full SCORM© 2004 standard and will be part of the delivery kit of the system.